“Norther is a rare and wonderful person. She has a knack for finding the beauty in everything. She can turn a neighborhood walk into a fun adventure! She never fails to inspire and motivate. I would never have found such magical and beautiful places without her.”

“I have enjoyed hiking for most of my life and when I moved to the NW many years ago I was excited to explore all of the beautiful terrain of this region. Then I found myself becoming overwhelmed by the choices and disappointed by the amount of people that would be on the trails I picked. Norther is so incredibly knowledgeable about all areas of Oregon and Washington. She has a passion for maps and has been teaching me how to read them in a detail I did not know before, such as understanding the service roads in remote areas. She has taken me to the most beautiful solitude hikes and magnificent peaks with the views I crave. These have been easy, reasonable drives for day hikes. She is knowledgeable, punctual and has good communication. She helped me dial in my day pack so it was smaller, more comfortable and stocked with good essential items. One thing that really has meant a lot to me is that I have fluctuating minor health issues that can determine my stamina and ease on these hikes. She tailored every hike to my physical limits. Some days we did long hikes with lots of elevation gain and loss and on the days I knew my body was not going to cooperate, she planned many smaller hikes so I only needed to commit to what I could do that day. I can not recommend her services more!”

“Solitude has never been as rare and important as it is right now. Due to an overcrowding population and a sudden spike in the desire to recreate outdoors public lands are now more crowded than ever. Finding a beautiful place to be alone, to let go of your everyday identity, is now a chore and often times a gamble. Norther Emily has gone deep in the backcountry of Oregon and found wonderful, hard-to-reach places with a passionate and curious mind. Following Norther around on a mission is a really good use of my time and I cannot recommend it enough.”

Norther makes the woods more accessible for everybody.

She demonstrates that you don’t necessarily need the fancy rigs, and all that gear we’re being sold.

She encourages us to look at a map and let curiosity and intuition guide us.

To expand ourselves and try going it alone, maybe to treat yourself to walk about in the dark woods.

That some of the best spots are discovered from the mouths of old timers.

Norther’s knowledge of the Tillamook State Forest and the PNW is truly remarkable. She is an endless source of knowledge and information about camping and hiking, but she also can tell you about these cool, random little spots only a local would know. Hidden waterfalls, caves, little seeps, unique plants, old infrastructure… and she has a story for everything.

Being able to tap into her extensive knowledge is a real treat. Her excitement is contagious. We will be back for more foraging classes! Thanks again!

The best part about working with Wild Solitude Guiding is being able to tap into the wealth of outdoor knowledge that guide Norther Emily possess. She has been all over the Pacific Northwest and her passion for local travel is contagious. I came away from our guided hike with so many new ideas for future trips; places I never knew existed. Her knowledge was instrumental in planning my ten day trip to Hart Mountain. I took so many notes, I’m sure it will take me ten years to make it through all the objectives she suggested for me. The amount I learned from her in just the car ride to the trailhead was worth the price of admission.

Wild Solitude Guiding helped me find the perfect location for my 55th birthday -a beginner friendly backpacking trip. I was so stumped trying to find something that would be memorable and unique but not too busy or too challenging. Her ideas were just perfect and we had a ball.

#NortherKnowsBest is my go-to source for free, undeveloped campsite suggestions. Every place she sent me to has been exceptionally beautiful and private. I highly recommend her advice services- pay ten dollars and save yourself twenty in gas! She is generous with her ideas and knowledge.

I completed an Intimacy With Place hike In Maupin, Oregon on October 29, 2022. It was definitely an incredible experience that will stay with me for a long while.The warm sunny day was punctuated with blue skies, wispy clouds  and  the sensual curves of the landscape. Norther, with her intimate knowledge of the Criterion Tract, did not follow a strict route but adjusted our path as needed, given the time and our interest as it unfolded. She built in times of rest and moments to savor the beauty, smells and sounds around us. She shared information about the history of the area and the current status of the land around us. Her knowledge of flowers and plants and minerals in the area heightened my interest and curiosity . We had a lot of fun sampling the juniper berries trying to find the elusive sweet and juicy ones. Norther’s persistance payed off ! I m so grateful for this memorable experience and hope to join Norther on a future hike !!

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