Why Reconnect?

Mental & Emotional Well Being

The mental and emotional benefits of spending time in nature are well documented. Make the most of your time spent outdoors by joining one of our Intimacy With Place hiking events, the Silent Night Walk, or take a foraging class- where you will learn how to slow down, pay attention, and receive the full benefits of time spent outside.

Physical Expression of Abilities

No matter your level of fitness, time spent outdoors provides us with ample opportunities to challenge ourselves physically and experience the satisfaction of overcoming obstacles. Try our map reading and navigation class to learn how you can expand your reach with off trail hiking in undeveloped recreation areas, or sign up for an Intimacy With Place hike in one of our two locations.

Awareness & Attunement

Awareness and attunement are the vehicle through which we develop mastery and deepen our sense of connection with place. Join us for an Intimacy With Place hike, the Silent Night Walk, a foraging class or learn to navigate by sight in our Map Reading & Navigation class.

Connection & Community

In our modern lives, we are often cut off from connection to the outside world and other living things, as well as each other. Spending time in the company of “more than human”, as well as likeminded individuals, is a balm for the sense of loneliness and isolation that we all experience. Any of our classes, hiking events and mini retreats can help you find your way back to the forest and connect you with our growing community.

Problem Solving & Adaptation

Learning how to problem solve and troubleshoot any difficulties we may encounter as we navigate wild places is one of the most satisfying aspects of wilderness skills mastery. Watching yourself navigate and adapt to changing circumstances and conditions is one of the best ways to build confidence in yourself and your abilities. Our mini weekend retreats are the perfect way to test your skills and expand your abilities.

Practical Skills & Knowledge

Stay safe, stay found, and comfortable in the backcountry, no matter where you go by learning skills that protect you as well as help you build confidence in your abilities. Begin your journey toward wilderness skills competency by taking a foraging class, learning how to navigate by sight and utilize a variety of mapping resources, or take the deep dive and join one of our mini weekend retreats to start your journey.

Intuitive Practice

Connecting your intuition with your outdoor movement practice is the final piece that connects everything you’ve learned with your inner guidance to create truly expansive, healing and holistic experiences for yourself in the outdoors. We have 1:1 private workshops designed to help you uplevel the way you spend time outside. Get ready to see yourself and the way you navigate natural landscapes in a whole new light!

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