Meet Your Guide

My name is Norther Emily.

I am an artist, a writer, an endurance athlete, and a person of the woods.

I grew up in the dense, powerfully charged forests of the central Oregon coast, where I learned to navigate cross country while exploring the basalt cliffs high above the Pacific Ocean as a child.

I returned to the forests in my early twenties, and each year that passes I find myself spending more and more time alone in the wooded canyons, mountains, and steppe.

I am not a peak bagger, not a mountain climber, not a biologist, not a photographer, not a professional athlete. My wisdom is self-taught and hard-earned.

If you seek to know yourself better through the experiences born of time spent in wild, wide open spaces; if you aim to reconnect with your place in the forest; if you desire a deeper, more fulfilling relationship with the places around you, my work will guide you there.

What People Say

“Norther has always had a knack for finding special places in nature. She puts in the work to find the special things that are overlooked. Finding all the beautiful, interesting, special and magic places. Sometimes deep and far away and sometimes right under your nose. You won’t find someone better to explore someplace you’ve never been.”

“Norther has exquisite and rare knowledge of hidden gems in the Pacific Northwest and is an exceedingly skilled navigator. She is a natural explorer and guide.”

Let us return to the forest together.

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