Calendar of Events

March 4th: Intimacy With Place Series: Criterion Tract Maupin, OR 10AM- 4PM $180/person

March 4th: Full Moon Party Maupin, OR 6PM- 8PM $125/person

March 5th: Off Trail Travel Clinic Maupin, OR 10AM- 4PM $180/person

March 18th: Intimacy With Place Series: North Fork Salmonberry River Timber, OR 10AM- 4PM $180/person

March 18th: Silent Night Walk Timber, OR 6:15PM- 8:15PM

March 19th: The Family Walk Gales Creek, OR 10AM- 12PM $75/adult, $25/child

March 19th: Introduction to Edible Plants Gales Creek, OR 1PM- 3PM $75/person

April 8th: Intimacy With Place Series: Criterion Tract 10AM- 4PM Maupin, OR $180/person

April 8th: Full Moon Party 6:30PM- 8:30PM Maupin, OR $125/person

April 9th: Introduction to Edible Plants. 10AM- 12PM Maupin, OR $75/person

April 9th: The Family Walk 1PM- 3PM Maupin, OR $75/adult $25/child

April 22nd: Scouting Mission 10AM- 4PM Tillamook State Forest $180/person

April 22nd: Silent Night Walk 7PM- 9PM Tillamook State Forest $100/person

April 23rd: The Slow Walk 10AM- 12PM Wilson River Trail $75/person

April 23rd: Foraging & Connection 1PM- 5PM Wilson River Trail $125/person

May 6th- 7th: Salmonberry River Weekend Intensive. Friday, 5PM to Sunday 4PM $470/person

May 20th: Intimacy With Place Series: Beaverslide on the Salmonberry River 10AM- 4PM Timber, OR $180/person

May 20th: Silent Night Walk Tillamook State Forest 7:30PM- 9:30PM

May 21st: Off Trail Travel Clinic 10AM- 4PM Gales Creek, OR $180/person

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