What are Mini Guides? Born from the runaway success of our advice service, Mini Guides are done-for-you ideas to get you out of the house and into the woods.

Each of these guides chock full of useful, up-to-date information because it’s based on our own time spent in the outdoors, our own personal knowledge.

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Six Micro Hikes in the Tillamook State Forest, Perfect For Winter

Sometimes finding a short, simple walk is harder than a proper hike because we’ve created so many resources for hikers. This digital download includes photos, GPS coordinates and detailed descriptions for six destinations that require less than 1 mile of walking round trip, as well as a winter hiking tips, nature connection practices, a list of recommended gear, and all the extra info you need to have the very best time in the outdoors, plus recommendations for how to extend each hike, and ideas for how to build on this experience in the coming seasons. 

We pack a ton of info into this little MINI GUIDE, so folks who feel drawn to self guided adventures don’t miss out on the magic this land has to offer. These guides are only sold a limited number of times, and then retired for good, so grab your while you have the chance! $25

9 Abandoned Road Walks in the Tillamook State Forest

If you’re ready to dip your toes into off trail hiking, this guide is for you.

Ranging in difficulty from brushy and overgrown to clear and maintained, this selection of the nine best abandoned roads in the Tillamook State Forest will provide all kinds of worthwhile adventures and open your eyes to the possibilities that lie within the logging roads networks of the Pacific Northwest. $25- only a few copies left!

The Pedestrians Guide to the Deschutes River

No matter his much we love the misty coastal forests of Oregon, everyone needs a little sunshine in their life now and then.

Come learn the secrets that our fishing friends have known for years. The Deschutes is a timeless place- bearing the evidence of 10,000 years of human habitation. You will see animals here, you will experience powerful silence and solitude. $25

Mount Hood Mini Guide to Low Elevation Hikes

Mount Hood is best known for its alpine wonderland and expansive views, but did you know there is more to the Mount Hood territory than the National Forest?

Get to know the fringes and forgotten places in the foothills of Mount Hood with this fun little Mini Guide meant to introduce you to all the fascinating little hidden gems hiding in the woods. This covers every hike below 2000’ elevation and as many tracts of BLM, State and other public lands as possible. $25

Southeast Oregon Hot Springs Road Trip Guide PLUS Mini Guide to High Desert Travel

Imagine how relaxed and recharged you will feel after touring nine hot springs across Oregon’s Outback… Watching the sun rise and set, seeing the stars every night, soaking every day, and indulging in the solitude our desert landscapes have to offer.

If you’ve always wanted to dip your toes into this vast area of remote and beautiful views, this is the best introductory tour of the basin and range landscapes of Oregon.

PLUS we included a mini guide to high desert travel, which is full of all kinds of obscure tips and tricks we’ve picked up along the way. You’ll have everything you need to get started! $25

John Day Fossil Beds National Monument Road Trip

The John Day Fossil Beds National Monument is one of the most photographed destinations in Northeast Oregon. Sadly, most people visit these three unique little monuments without exploring any of the very worthwhile and solitude-rich wilderness areas nearby. 

Our newest mini guide covers each of the three monument areas, plus three nearby wilderness areas, the Ochoco Divide, and the Journey Through Time Scenic Byway. 

If you love road trips, obscure public lands, unique landscapes, fossils, rocks in every color of the rainbow, desert rivers, tiny country towns, and solitude— this guide is for you.

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Every Place I Slept in my Car 2021-2022, plus How to Find Your Own Free & Dispersed Camping in the PNW

Just like the name says, this is a guide to 20 places I slept in my car in the last two years.

If you love obscure destinations, alpine sunrises, fun, easy ways to spend time in the outdoors, I’ve got a great selection of places to kick back and enjoy the solitude and silence of our beautiful region.

We’ve gotten some great feedback on this guide already, so I’m sure you will love it, too.

Spits, Peninsulas and Beach Walks, PLUS Oregon Coast Travel Tips and Beach Driving

If you need an escape from the relentless Willamette Valley summers; if you like easy, flat walking with no crowds and plenty of opportunities to view wildlife; if you like interesting little forests, tunnels, caves, and unique landscapes, I think you’ll really love this mini guide.

We cover everything you need to know to hike five different peninsulas along the north coast- all within a reasonable drive from Portland, as well as our six favorite sections of the Oregon Coast Trail, and three places where you can drive on the beach PLUS I give you all my best coastal hike planning tips, so you don’t get caught hiking into the wind for 32 miles, like I once did.

Christmas Lake Valley & Fort Rock Valley: Caves, Maars, Canyons, Lava Fields, Seeps and A WHOLE LOT of Great Camping

I have traveled extensively across every corner of the state, and there is one area that I love more than all others.

Lake County is truly the land that time forgot.  

Besides all the hot springs, towering peaks, archaeological ruins, and ancient alkali lakes to the south, the northern-most part of Lake County is a fascinating area all its own, with geologic splendor and abundant solitude.  

Visit massive craters, and mini ones, caves and potholes, a slot canyon, an ancient desert forest, sand dunes, a lakebed full of fossilized Pleistocene animals, fascinating lava fields and more, all in a single weekend.

The Owyhee River: Hot Springs, Towering Cliffs, Wild Horses, Solitude, & Milky Way Nights

The Owyhee has reached an almost mythical status in the past decade, thanks to its highly photogenic landscapes, excellent hot springs soaking, and unparalleled solitude.

The Owyhee is wild country. The roads are known for being terrible. The Little West Fork is known as the “hardest backpacking route in Oregon”, one of the last truly “wild” places in the lower 48. Certainly, there is nowhere better to view the night sky.

In this guide, you are introduced to each of the most accessible entry points to the Owyhee canyon, and given detailed instructions related to camping, hiking, soaking, driving directions, where to get gas, and anything else you might need to know to have a successful pedestrian adventure in the Owyhee river canyon.

Coming soon….

10 Best Mini Weekend Road Trips from Portland, Oregon & How to Plan the Perfect Road Trip

Coastal Side Quests: Detours, Pit Stops, Easy Hikes and Things to See and Do on Your Way To The Beach, From Highway 30 to Highway 20- Perfect for Parents.

Hikes My Kids Hated: Every Single Hike I Took My Kids On 2012-2022

The Legendary Trask River

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