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We are now available for half and full day guiding in the Tillamook State Forest!

Our offerings include a variety of trailed and trail-less destinations, appropriate for all skill levels and abilities.

Climb to the summit of coast range peaks, explore roadless river canyons, traverse mossy hillsides on long abandoned logging roads, range out across a long network of trails or explore the depths of canyon creeks accessible only by elk path. Tillamook country is rich in histories both told and untold, and full of secrets.

Stay tuned for updates and more special offerings as we complete the permit application process with other land agencies to bring you even more obscure and beautiful offerings.

Full or Half Day Guided Hiking

$500 Full Day

Eight hours of guided hiking and instruction, plus an intake interview to assess your fitness level, discuss your goals and make arrangements.

$400 Half Day

Four hours of guided hiking and instruction, plus an intake interview to assess your fitness level, discuss your goals, and make arrangements.

Coming Soon… Full Moon Party

$250 per person, up to groups of four.

Join us for a monthly walk under the light of the full moon. This trip takes approximately two to four hours and is done without artificial light, after sunset.

Foraging Foundations Class

$40 per person, Portland, OR

Next date: October 3rd, 10am-2pm

Foraging is a great way to deepen your connection with nature. In this class, we tour a private garden of edible and medicinal native plants, talk about reciprocity, relationship with place, harvesting ethics, identify edible weeds, as well as the historical and cultural contexts of foraging. You’ll learn what to look for during different seasons, how to build yourself a foraging map, and how to identify plants with confidence.

Drop your info in the contact box below to register!

Consulting Services

$60 per hour

When you want more in-depth, professional advice, beyond the scope of #NortherKnowsBest, book a consult with me where we can discuss in-depth trip plans, camping, road trips, swimming holes, locations for movie and TV, photo shoots, and more.

Norther Knows Best!

$10 each

Just-for-fun, for the low price of $10, you can tap into my encyclopedic wealth of knowledge about local destinations and I will recommend a hike or travel ideas, based on your time and experience level.
*entertainment purposes only, no guarantees.

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